Different Shades within the black community share their unique experiences of life in their skin.

July 4th, 2020

I never knew there was a difference... 🤯 oh wow 2019/2020 opened my eyes and made me have many questions! Thankfully this amazing group shed some light on what’s it like through their eyes.

This is a virtual panel made up of Ache Lytle, Antoinette Chanel, Jermaine Thomas, and Kyle Isaiah. From different shades within the black community, different teachings, to different life styles... all come together to share their unique experiences surrounding life in their skin. :-)

My Intention is to bring some insight to a few untold stories about skin tone within our own community.

Dare to have this conversation, in your environment! Be prepared to be amazed !

If you believe for ONE Second that the weight of the world is too heavy, its because you believe that you are bearing it alone... All of our stories MUST be told

"Integrity = Freedom"


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