#21 When your “WHY” is strong, being a self-made Millionaire can be around the corner with Howard Vongpaseuth

May 1st, 2018

OMG is the 1st thing that comes to mind to describe Howard V. This young Millionaire in the making is on FIRE in the Real Estate world. His drive and refusal to stay in his comfort zone, his refusal to quit, will make him go down in the history books as a true breaded hustler. Listen as he utilizes his “Deep Rooted WHY” to push him to obtaining more. He teaches us, during this interview, that coaches and classes can only show us HOW to do real estate, (or fill in your passion here) BUT you must learn the rest from LIFE. The nuggets that he revealed during this conversation were impeccable and completely worth sharing. Leave Your Thoughts and comments.